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I hand make all the products on this website from start to finish. The original sculpt is made from clay,then a silicone mould is taken from it, then the individual pieces are hand cast in the specific material.

I don't hold any stock,all products are made to order, depending on the size of the order and how busy i am. I will aim to get orders made and shipped within a few days. If you need something for a certain date,please don't hesitate to email ahead to see if it is achievable before ordering.

Pre-Order products are usually available to order for 1 week or until SOLD OUT,i then have 1 week of waiting for supplies to arrive and making the moulds,then it will take around 2 weeks to produce,pack and ship the orders(based on sales of 100 pieces) and depending on application) Dates of production ans shipping will always be approximated on all Pre-Order products.

My passions are Sneakers,Movies and Toys,all the pieces i create are things that i love, if i didn't, i wouldn't put the same amount of effort into them,I make what makes me happy and if other people like them too its all part of the bonus!

I don't do commissions or any wholesale orders at the moment,im too busy.

Lastly,Thank you to everyone who has purchased from me already and kept a roof over my head. If you would like to be added to a mailing list to find out about any future releases,re-stocks,limited variants etc. let me know in an email and i'll keep you informed.